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Treatment and medical examinations at Satasairaala hospital

Treatment usually starts at your local health centre. (Read more: Health services.) You can also visit an occupational health centre or a private doctor. If necessary, your doctor will refer you to the Satasairaala Hospital for treatment or examinations.

You will receive an invitation to the Satasairaala Hospital before you come for treatment. The invitation will tell you exactly when and where to go. The invitation will also tell you the reason why you are invited to the hospital.

The invitation letter may also include forms that you need to fill in. Please fill in the forms carefully and take them with you when you come to the hospital. The invitation may also include instructions on what preparations you need to make before you come to the hospital. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully.

When a child comes for treatment

When a child comes to the hospital for treatment, he or she must have an adult with them.

Going to hospital can be frightening for your child. That is why it is a good idea to talk to your child about it at home beforehand. Your child can bring a favourite toy or book to the hospital. The toy or book must be easy to clean.

If the parents want to stay overnight in the hospital, they must talk to the hospital staff about it beforehand.

It is best to leave your car at home

When you come to the hospital for treatment, we recommend you leave your car at home. Driving when you are ill, for example after an operation or when you are on medication, may not be allowed. It is a good idea to come to the hospital, for example, by bus. There are bus stops close to the hospital buildings.