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Customer service

We are happy to help and guide you in person, on the phone and in our live chat service. Customer service, phone number: 02 627 71.

You can phone our Customer Service Advisor from Monday to Friday between 09:00–14:00. A customer service advisor is a nurse who can answer your questions about your treatment and our services. The phone numbers for our Customer Service Advisors are 044 707 9171 and 044 707 6769.

At the Satasairaala Hospital, there is also the OLKA service point where you can come and talk to us and where we will be happy to answer your questions. We are not in a hurry, and our purpose at the OLKA point is to serve you. OLKA consists of planned activities at the hospital provided by organisations and volunteers. At the OLKA service point, you can find information about peer support and patient organisations and take part in theme days. Volunteers at the OLKA point are bound by confidentiality. That means that you can talk freely about anything that is on your mind.